CLAS Programs

CLAS is an umbrella organization consisting of a number of programs and projects. CLAS ensures that services are delivered by legal staff experienced in a specific area of the law, and that legal expertise is shared between programs when areas of law that we practice intersect.

Currently CLAS operates five programs:

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Community Law Program

The Community Law Program (CLP) provides legal assistance to low-income people across British Columbia. CLP services focus on legal issues in the areas of: housing security, income security, human rights, mental health rights, and workers’ rights. CLP staff offer a wide variety of legal services, including: summary legal advice to outline your options and point you in the right direction, guidance to help you represent yourself, and full representation.

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BC Human Rights Clinic

The BC Human Rights Clinic provides representation to complainants who have cases before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Our services integrate information, advocacy and education. Our advocacy program protects existing rights and our education program helps to prevent discrimination. Together this integrated approach works to promote and strengthen human rights.

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Mental Health Law Program

Since 1977, the Mental Health Law Program (MHLP) has been providing representation to those who have been involuntarily detained pursuant to the BC Mental Health Act or to those subject to the Mental Disorder Provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.

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Community Advocate Support Line

CASL is a support service specifically for legal advocates and community workers across BC. It operates primarily by telephone and on-line.

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Sexual Harassment Advice, Response, and Prevention for Workplaces

CLAS has partnered with Ending Violence Association of BC to address workplace sexual harassment through the SHARP Workplaces Program.

Legal Advice Clinic

CLAS provides free confidential legal advice from a lawyer to anyone who has experienced, or is experiencing, sexual harassment in their workplace in BC.

Education and Training       

In partnership with EVA BC, free education and training is also provided on preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace to non-profits, Indigenous organizations, and small businesses.  Our goal is to support workplaces to ensure respectful workplace environments to prevent sexual harassment and develop trauma-informed policies and procedures to handle complaints in a sensitive, respectful manner to all involved.