Diane Nielsen

Supervising Lawyer
Mental Health Law Program – MHLP


Legal Administrative Assistant:
Debbie Breidt
dbreidt@clasbc.net or mhlpadmin@clasbc.net

Diane Nielsen is the supervising lawyer of the Mental Health Law Program at CLAS, and has been with CLAS since 1990. MHLP was formed as a program of CLAS in 1977 to represent people with a mental disorder at tribunal hearings, court hearings and in law reform initiatives.

During her employment with CLAS, Diane has represented people with a mental disorder at criminal and civil tribunal hearings, judicial review hearings, court hearings on test case issues and in law reform initiatives, including government initiated reviews of the amendments to the mental disorder provisions of the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and the British Columbia Mental Health Act.  She has also provided training, supervision and education for others in the area of mental health law.