Alison Ward

Community Advocate Support Line – CASL

Alison Ward has been a lawyer with the Community Advocate Support Line at CLAS since 2010. Through CASL she works with community-based legal advocates around BC on poverty law and family law issues, providing them with legal advice and guidance on their cases.

Alison has a long history in social justice law.  Before joining CLAS, she was a staff lawyer with the Legal Services Society for 16 years.  At LSS she practiced poverty law, family law and child protection law, worked at the LawLINE and, in 2006, founded CASL.  In 2010, Alison and CASL moved to CLAS.

Alison regularly teaches advocacy training workshops for the Law Foundation’s Legal Advocacy Training Course and Provincial Advocacy Training Conference. She is a board member of PovNet, a non-profit that organizes online communities for anti-poverty workers, and acts as a supervising lawyer for the legal advocacy program at MOSAIC, a non-profit that works with immigrants and refugees in Vancouver.

Alison graduated from McGill University with a BA in economics, and obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Toronto in 1992.  She was called to the BC Bar in 1994.