Management & Staff of CLAS

Our people are a group of skilled and dedicated staff committed to advancing dignity, equality and justice for all.

Senior Management

Jacqui Mendes
Executive Director

Rick Liu, CPA, CGA
Finance Officer

Lawyers & Advocates

Dante Abbey
Lawyer, MHLP

Aleem Bharmal, QC
Lawyer, HRC

Jonathan Blair
Lawyer, CLP

Debra Febril
Legal Advocate, HRC

Lisa Ferguson
Legal Advocate, MHLP

William Gladman
Legal Advocate, HRC

Brett Haughian
Legal Advocate, HRC

Jennifer Khor
Supervising Lawyer & Project Manager,
SHARP Workplaces

Kevin Love
Lawyer, CLP

Coral Lyster (currently on Leave)
Lawyer, SHARP Workplaces

Midhath Mahir
Legal Advocate, MHLP

David Mossop, QC
Legal Advocate, MHLP

Jennifer Nason
Legal Advocate, MHLP

Diane Nielsen
Supervising Lawyer, MHLP

Holly Popenia
Lawyer, CLP

Tomas Reyes
Senior Legal Advocate, MHLP

Danielle Sabelli
Lawyer, CLP

Alanna Tom (currently on Leave)
Lawyer, HRC

Laura Track
Director of Human Rights Clinic & Education

Alison Ward
Lawyer, CASL

Isaac Won
Lawyer, CLP

Emily Zarychta
Legal Advocate, HRC

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of a unique mix of lawyers, community representatives, and a law student. Our Board members are:

Jane Dyson

Maia Tsurumi

Bill Black

Lora Anjos

Gyda Chud

Rebecca Coad

Jane Dyson

Robin Elliot QC

Bridget Gilbride

Edward Macaulay

Sharon Mohamed

Adrienne Montani

Jean Moore

Simran Persic

Caroline Senini

Howard Tran

Karla Verschoor

Judy Willows

Gary Wilson