A strong workers’ compensation system is critical to keep workers safe and to provide financial security when workers are injured on the job. Our Kevin Love authored a report from the BC Federation of Labour pushing for workers’ compensation law reform:

Workers Deserve Better was authored by Kevin Love, a lawyer with the Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) an expert on workers compensation issues. It is informed by the seminal Patterson report commissioned by Minister of Labour Harry Bains and delivered to government in October 2019. Patterson’s report was the latest in a series of four government-commissioned reports urging reforms to rebalance the compensation system administered through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). Despite hundreds of workers and worker advocates who came forward with painful personal stories during public consultations, recommendations have been ignored.”  – https://bcfed.ca/news/briefs/workers-deserve-better-how-we-can-build-compensation-system-injured-workers-need

“Right now, the system is failing too many workers, so we think we need to implement the Patterson report,” [Kevin Love] said. “There definitely appears to be a lack of urgency and it’s important to note that every day that goes by it’s another worker who isn’t getting what they need from the system.” – https://thetyee.ca/News/2021/06/01/Unions-Demanding-Better-Support-Injured-Workers/

Read the full report here: Workers Deserve Better: How We Can Build the Workers’ Compensation System that Injured Workers Need

  • A Report by the BC Federation of Labour authored by CLAS Lawyer Kevin Love