Mental Health Review Board Hearings

We provide representation to people throughout the province who have applied [for a hearing before the Mental Health Review Board] to review their involuntary detention and psychiatric treatment in or through a designated facility under the B.C. Mental Health Act. Hearings are sometimes also called a Review Panel.

If you have been certified under the BC Mental Health Act and do not want to be detained or given psychiatric treatment without your consent, fill out a Form 7 to request a Review Panel hearing. Your nursing staff or mental health team will also have copies of these forms and can help you to submit an application.

If you want to go to your Review Panel hearing on your own, read our self-help guide to help you prepare for your Review Panel hearing.

Once you have applied for a Mental Health Review Board (Review Panel) hearing please call us at 604-685-3425 or toll free at 1-888-685-6222 and ask to speak to someone about your upcoming Mental Health Review Board (Review Panel) hearing.

Program and Funder Eligibility

Representation by our program is subject to the Legal Services Society’s financial eligibility criteria, specifically the Household Income Table.  You may still be eligible for services if you cannot access your finances or under special circumstances.

Due to resource constraints you may become ineligible for representation under the following circumstances:

  • If you have cancelled two hearings in a one year period
  • If you do not show up to your hearing once in one year
  • If you have refused our services once in one year
  • If you go on unauthorized absence twice in one year

However, if it has been one year since the last Mental Health Review Board (Review Panel) hearing you attended with representation from MHLP, or if you have attended at least one Review Panel hearing without our assistance, you will be eligible for representation from us again.

If you have applied for a hearing and have any questions about whether you are eligible, please contact us at 604-685-3425 or toll free at 1-888-685-6222.