Justice Reform for BC

The Community Legal Assistance Society, Pivot Legal Society, West Coast LEAF, and the BC Civil Liberties Association have released a set of priorities that would improve and strengthen the justice system, advance human rights and ensure the principles of equality, freedom and human dignity are respected.

We have joined together to set out a number of priorities for reform and improvement of the justice system in British Columbia. Many aspects of the justice system have been severely under-resourced, many portions of the justice system remain inaccessible and many aspects of the system are designed in a way that results in unfairness and the violation of people’s rights. While the past years have seen a number of notable reforms, including change to the family law system, reforms to the civil justice system and to our court system generally, changes in how the justice system approaches missing persons cases, and advancements in police accountability, much more needs to be done to advance justice and fairness in British Columbia.

Read the Justice Reform for BC recommendations